Banner Banner produces a wide range of safety-related products—including safety light screens, safety interlock switches, e-stop modules and two-hand control safety modules—that protect personnel and equipment. The SC22-3E is a versatile controller for both safety and non-safety devices, and eliminates the need for multiple modules. Features easy setup, RJ45 Ethernet connector, and on-board interface.
Bircher Bircher manufactures products such as safety mats, door sensors, microwave sensors, infrared sensors and loop detectors. The integration of electronic sensor technology is easily achieved in these applications: automatic sliding door, revolving door, industrial door, industrial garage door, industrial safety equipment, motion control system and machine control.
Nolatron Nolatron has been producing anti-tie down control modules over 30 years. With a wide variety of two-hand control modules, Nolatron offers a complete line of anti-tiedown control assemblies.
Phoenix Contact Phoenix Contact makes safety easy. From conventional safety relays to complex controllers, all safety products are easy to install and configure. We call it functional safety: reliable protection for people and machinery.
Pilz Pilz provides safety relays to monitor safety functions such as E-STOP, safety gate, light grid, two-hand control and many more. A solution for your automation function that's safe, economical and reliable. We offer first-class components, which you can use individually or combine to form a system.
Schmersal Schmersal develops and produces an extraordinary wide range of high quality switches and related control modules for safety applications - for the protection of man and machine; Additional product lines include switches for use in industrial automation, in explosive environments, and in the elevator industry.

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